“I will bless the Lord at all times…" Psalm 34:1

About Family

Our Mission

To Proclaim the Gospel and seek the Salvation of the Lost—Teaching each generation that Jesus is Lord of All, and leading His people to experience a new life with Christ.

What We


We understand from God’s word that true faith refers to being able to maintain a heart of reverence for God, and submission to Him in whatever situation we may face—whether we’re encountering hardships and refinements, setbacks and failures, grief and loss we put our fleshly body aside and Walk by Faith.

The Power of the


We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the revelation of God’s truth and is infallible and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Family Baptist Church equips us to become disciples of Christ by empowering us to live victorious lives. Moreover, we believe a restored relationship with God is possible upon the profession of our faith, the confession of our sins and accepting Jesus as our personal savior. We believe that Jesus Christ died, rose from the dead, and will return.  Upon this belief we obtain God’s grace and mercy.


Associate Ministers
Diana Evans
Margo Fisher
Ruth Halliburton
Kimberly Barker
Larry Mars
Joe Adams
James Allen
Michael Baker
James Daniels
Clint Dorn
Mark Hammond
Emanuel Holcomb
Dwight Scales
Greg Sturdivant
Music Ministry
Brian Thomas
Michael Williams
Mark Hammond
Audio & Visual
Derryck Gibaldi
Michael Baker
Josiah Allen
Web Ministry
Colette Woods
Service Ministries
Christi Dorn

Usher Ministry

Gail Lawson


Laure Hammond

Special Projects

Subrina Bennett Joseph

Successor Trustee

Jeanette Martin

Mother's Board

Cassandra Allen

Jr. Church

LaTisha Pinkston

Praise Dance

Kimberly Barker/Subrina Joseph


Our History

Our Core Values




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